9 to 5 ~ Dolly Parton

14.4.19 – 6.5.19

A lack of enthusiasm to sit down and write this blog. Sorry.

Lovely to have friends over (John & Jules). One big advantage of being here is that when friends visit, it’s for a few days, which, in turn means quality time. If we’d met up in the UK it would probably be a day at the most. I think this year is turning out to be the year of friends visiting, I love having them here. I’m not the only one who makes the most of visitors – the cats do too, especially Asterix! If the weather is good – so much the better! It’s been a bit erratic lately. I think we were all spoiled after that hot spell early in the year and now we’re on catch-up. Good food, good wine ~ with regards to the latter, plans afoot, watch this space.

Talking of food, I spotted this is The Bugle (ex-pats newspaper), Just another excuse for a trip out actually!!! One has to investigate these things!dav

Work on the house has slowed. I had planned to finish the utility room last week but it wasn’t to be. I waiting for new skirting board to be fitted.At some point in the past, a washing machine had leaked and the skirting was rotten. Now you would think that this would make it easy to remove (plus the fact there were only about 4 nails attaching it to the wall). But no, as I have said may times before, nothing is straightforward in this house. It took ages to get off. It’s not standard size either , so wood will have to be cut to fit. Hopefully it will be done in the next day or so, then I can paint it and finish off the wallpapering. That will leave the work top to be fitted and flooring to go down. Oh and a blind (ha ha).

New pillows! Via the local tabac! I don’t know if this system functions in the UK but here you can order items form Amazon and have them delivered to pick up points to save delivery charges (usually). There are one or two in town and I used the tabac. Hilarious. Some time ago, I decided to replace the pillows in guest rooms and online ones seemed so much better value/quality and saved me trekking into Limoges. But, wouldn’t you know it? I ordered 3 sets of 2 and only 2 turned up in the first delivery, the other was three days later!

The bird life in my garden is lovely. In an attempt to record activity on the bird feeder, I bought a tiny webcam. It’s no more than a 2cm cube and records night activity too. Less than 10€, it’s quite impressive. Here’s a screen shot from the other day. I haven’t worked out how to upload videos from it yet (if indeed that is possible).




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