Me And You And A Dog Named Boo – Lobo

7.5.19 – 24.5.19

Slowly but surely my garden is beginning to look more like a garden. The border against the front wall is more or less planted now: a pink wisteria, a white wisteria, pink salvia, anemone, penstemon, plumbago, agapanthus, lilac, to name a few (can’t remember the rest!). We have managed to track down enough border tiles to complete the edging, so hopefully that will complete phase one! I’ve also been given some pretty, bright snapdragons – nice colour near the front steps.


The history of people at La Belle Maison continues to deliver. Unbeknown to me, a phone call for a reservation in August turned out to be from another family that resided here (in the top floor apartment I believe). The name fell into place when I read it in a following email. I was thrilled to see an attached photograph of the garden from the past. (see below). I’m hoping the guest will bring more photos with him. There are days when I pinch myself and ask how did I end up in such a place? The fact that people from the past want to come back and visit, is wonderful. Sometimes I feel like a privileged custodian, but I love it. 20180324_091504

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…. (this will be a shortened version of events!)

I received an urgent FB message from a friend who lives about 25 minutes from Eymoutiers, saying her dog was very ill, she thought the dog was on her way out, but she was stuck with 2 broken phones and no transport. She couldn’t get hold of her husband who was working away, could I try and contact him? I tried but failed. So I drove over to their property and picked them up, came back to the vets in town. No luck, all vets out on rounds, wouldn’t be back for a couple of hours. Went to my vet in Chateauneuf La Foret and was referred immediately to an emergency vet in Limoges. Where we went straight away. Poor Amber (dog), was immediately diagnosed with an infection and underwent emergency surgery within a couple of hours (hysterectomy). It could have been a very different outcome if she’d not been seen so quickly. I’m pleased to report a full recovery and I believe Amber is having her stitches out today.


Busman’s holiday!! I’m helping a friend wallpaper. After a few setbacks and delays, delayed progress on her house renovation has been a recurring story, so I offered to get things moving by making a start on painting and papering. I admit I’ve been a bit slow (old age creeping in), but we have made good progress in a week. Hopefully it will be done in the next 4 or 5 days.

Must share with you my fabulous find at a vide maison last weekend – a beautiful bowl. Also found a mirror, some nice linen and an outdoor tea light lantern.

And finally, probably the loveliest guest ever. He/she came two afternoons on the trot, but I haven’t seen him/her since. It ate a little apple and scampered off; he was so close I could touch his tail (and boy did he chunter, he didn’t like that!). Such a baby, I hope he’s survived, so beautiful to see close up.


……….. here comes the festival season in France.

Starting with



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