Here Comes Summer – Jerry Keller

25.5.19 – 23.6.19

Here comes Summer! Temperatures forecast to be top 30’s all week. Roast potatoes!

So far behind with this blog now – I can’t remember what I did yesterday, let alone four weeks ago!!!


Secret Squirrel has been back. In fact, he came in the house via the top floor landing window that I left open. Soon spotted by the cat and I managed to chase him (the squirrel!), out of the front door without a problem. He’s been visiting a few times but thankfully can outrun the cats! It must be the same one that I found as a baby on the doorstep, he’s now fully grown and quite beautiful. As long as he stays in the garden! (Speak of the devil – he’s just appeared as I am typing this!).

My lovely friends, Linda and Ainslie, have been to stay for a few days. Never long enough. The weather was a bit up and down, but the last couple of days were hot and sunny. We went into Limoges on the train (over 60’s rates!), had a couple of lovely meals out, got lots of jobs done and drank lots of alcohol!


Owen’s photography. This picture was used by the Limoges tourist company!

Of course the silly season is kicking in. People just turning up, last minute bookings and other expected ones, keeping me very busy. I was baking one morning (making the most of having the oven on for croissants), when a guest came into the kitchen and asked in an interested way ….”are you making scones?” Not many French/German people know what scones are, so I was a bit surprised. Anyway he ate breakfast and went to pack his bags to leave. When he came downstairs, he then asked, in an interested way:”have you baked the scones?” , to which I replied “Would you like one?”  You can guess his answer!

To keep things simple, here’s a list of other things done:

My poor Colin isn’t very well. I had 3 trips to the vets with him on Saturday (one late night dash into Limoges emergency, as I felt I really needed a second opinion). I’m still not happy with his progress and can see we’ll be going back again in a few days if there’s not a marked improvement. It started with a lot of sneezing and I noticed he was breathing through his mouth. At one point, in the early hours of the morning, I thought he was fading in front of me. He has been diagnosed with a chest infection. I think he has something up his nose which has caused this, which is the reason why I went for a second opinion. The second vet also thought that a grass seed in the nose might be a possibility. He’s on meds, I’m watching him closely but there’s not much change. Thankfully he is eating. I just want to help him.

Train will be here on Wednesday Ainslie!








































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