The Long and Winding Road – The Beatles

9.7.19 – 29.7.19

I seem to be flavour of the month for the local mozzies. I don’t think I have ever been bitten quite so much. Along with whacking my shins on the drop down oven door and boot scraper on the steps, the bite marks made my legs look like I’d been in some kind of jungle ambush. Interestingly, I went to the pharmacie to buy anti histamine cream but they don’t have it here. Anti histamine pills – yes, and some kind of gel to curb the irritation, both of which I purchased. No great success with the gel, I had one particularly bad bite on my arm which itched beyond description. I also bought some repellent, which doesn’t have the most attractive perfume, no wonder the mozzies don’t like it!        I think the main problem is having to sleep with the windows open at night: you can’t see them coming!

I’ve had a switch round with the dining room and lounge. Reason being I can start to think about redecorating in the big room. Now that I am back in the living room, I quite like it, so future swapping back might not happen. The smaller room is more than adequate for guest breakfast and dinner parties (especially now that I have the larger table in there ~ thanks Linda & Ainslie). I’m hoping that some wallpaper that I spotted online last year might come up in a Summer sale, no joy so far.


I’ve been checking on the damson tree the last few days. It has a good crop of fruit, possibly the plums are a little on the small side, but there are plenty of them. Hopefully, I will be able to start jam making next week. Louise may get the job of picking them (well, she’ll have to earn her keep!).

Funny ha ha………. my friend and I went to investigate the recently opened bistro place for coffee the other day. We picked the wrong day. It wasn’t open. So we wandered back into town, to the ChoubeurrePomme Patisserie and had coffee there. Then someone I knew stopped to talk (and talk and talk), probably for an hour. This was followed by a walk round to the bar (it was hot, so we had a cold drink); followed by a walk home whereby we bumped into friends who were starting renovations on their house, then someone else I knew pulled up in their car…….. I eventually arrived home about four hours after I’d left the house for a simple coffee! C’est la vie!

Wildlife Update:

Anyone who follows me on Facebook will know there have been some beautiful butterflies in the garden this Summer (mostly on the lavender at the front of the house that sits in full sun all day).                                                                                                           Tiger Swallowtail ? (left) / Fritillary (right) ~ not sure which variety

The corner of my garden that I am trying to make into a wildflower patch to attract bees and butterflies, is a bit slow going. The heat has frizzled a few things. However, a recent downpour has brought some flowers back to life and there’s a bit more colour there now. I’m hoping the buddleia cutting will have rooted and that I can add that in this week. My Mum always used to cut back buddleia and poke bits on the ground and they grew. Mine don’t.  I haven’t inherited the horticultural gene.







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