Circle of Life – Elton John/Lion King

24.9.19 – 26.12.19



I have been away from writing this blog for some time now. I just have not been in the right frame of mind to do it. Plus technical set backs haven’t helped! My laptop went to the great laptop graveyard in the sky. After a few efforts to resurrect it with the kiss if life (new battery, power cable test etc etc, a friend declared it was the motherboard and not worth repairing. So a new laptop it had to be; I can’t manage business-wise without one. It’s taken sometime to retrieve/recall/renew passwords, this site being no exception!

Weather report: rain, rain, rain, gales,frost, rain, blue sky, gales, gales, rain. Tree down 😦

Feeling sad about losing this tree. The bees love the flowers in Summer and the colour in Autumn is spectacular when the rising sun falls on it.IMG_20191223_153412IMG_20191026_084716

However, this will give me the opportunity to plant a new tree that I have tracked down the name of this year. I’ve seen a few of them in and around the town… Albizia trees. Pink flowers all Summer and they don’t grow too big. Never seen them in the UK, but that’s not to say they’re not available there.albizia

Work in the main salon has progressed. After an epic consultation on a FB group (ha ha – about 100 people chipped in with advice, mostly not encouraging), I have refreshed the fireplace. One guy agreed with me and put into words what he thought these sorts of fireplaces look like, and I whole heartedly concur – tombstones! Before and after pictures here.

On the same subject…… the long planned installation of a log burner in the kitchen has also been done. Not easy though, the big challenge was reaching the chimney, which on a house of this height and being off set from the side wall, meant a cherry picker was needed. This proved not to be big enough, so plan B. All done and I have to say, it has transformed the way in which I use the house. It’s so cosy to sit in the kitchen, as I am right now, and work/ talk to friends/ prepare food.


On a furry note, I have a new visitor. I think he’s well on his way to moving in: if Sid lets him that is. I’ve named him Rudi (or Rude the Dude). He’s extremely nervous but I am winning his trust and in fact he let me pick him up yesterday. I feed him and he appears promptly for meals in the morning and afternoon and sleeps in a bed in the shed/boiler room.Which is rather cold as the door has to open for access. I’m still struggling with the loss of Colin, I have had several false alarms to possible sightings, even one was a dead cat in the town centre. But it wasn’t Colin. It’s tortuous not knowing what has happened to him and I have no closure. How people cope when their children go missing, I can not imagine. My other little babies are fine and don’t go out when the weather is grim.


Rude the Dude


Always useful to have a friend who has a hobby of fixing things….. horologist! I found a nice solid, marble clock here when I moved in, but it was missing a side decorative handle, and a key. Now, thanks to John’s work and some bits delivered from China, it’s working. It has a lovely hour/half hour chime and what makes it particularly nice is that it has Eymoutiers on the dial.

Clock repair

Jolly old Brexit has kicked the applications for Carte de Sejour a stage further along the pipeline. I went to the Prefecture in Limoges to have my fingerprints taken a couple of weeks ago. Bearing in mind I applied last January, not much has moved since then and even now it will be January 31st before the next part. Hopefully, it will just be the issuing of the permit.

Guests still arriving, even over Christmas. This year has continued to be busy, with many people here for varied reasons, not least a team of Slovakian workers who arrived within a few minutes of a phone call. They stayed for a week!

I have been back to the UK to see family and do shopping! Mainly clothes, as I don’t really get the opportunity here and can never seem to find the shops! So an investment in new suitcases – empty on the way out, full on the way back. I have to mention the thought that went through my head at the split second the plane lifted off the ground when leaving …….. “I don’t remember locking my car”……….   I had.

Wishing all my family, friends, guests and future guests a wonderful New Year , may all your dreams come true.








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